Ian taught both of my children to play a variety of brass instruments from the age of about seven right through until Grade 8 and beyond.  They thoroughly enjoyed their classes, still love playing and developed a close bond of friendship with Ian.  He still coaches my twenty-six year old son Matt whenever he has a special concert or needs to develop his technique on a new instrument.  Ian is a first rate teacher and a lovely person, with a great sense of humour and total commitment to music.  I would never hesitate to recommend him to children and adults of all ages. 
Jill Dare - Bude


Ian began by teaching me the cornet when I was eight. With him I reached a standard that contributed to my achieving a music scholarship when I was 11. On leaving school, other activities took priority but after a 7 year break in playing, Ian has started to teach me again and with his help I'm quickly regaining the standard I used to have. Ian's lessons are fun but focused and I feel I have made much progress within a short space of time. I would definitely recommend him to both beginners and anyone returning to an instrument.  

Celli Moriarty - Bude

Ian is an excellent teacher who has great musical skills. He is really enthusiastic about teaching and musical playing. He has a great personality that is easy to get along with, he is excellent at teaching a range of abilities, from beginner to advance level musicians.

Ian can make miracles happen !!
I am a lady of more mature years and I decided that I would like to learn how to play a brass instrument, on a friends recommendation I rang Ian with my tale of woe of never even picked up an instrument, let alone play one.
I now find the impossible has happened with a great deal of patience on Ian's part, I can now make music on a trombone and have progressed to playing with a band.
In consequence I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ian as a superb tutor. 
Glynis Crowlas

Ian is a great teacher . If he wasn't a good teacher I wouldn't of started at the age of 5. I have performed in lots of concerts with good comments i mean wouldn't of dared try to get up on the stage by my own. I wouldn't of passed my grade one in a Merete either. I think Ian is a great teacher and if you go with him you have a very good future. I am now doing my grade 3 with success.
 Amy Brimacombe

Ian, is an excellent teacher, he makes the process fun and manages to engage with the student at their level.
Whether you are an adult or a child, his approach is helpful and understanding with humour and seriousness in the correct quantities.
Andrew Nunn

"Ian  introduced  my  son  to  a  variety  of  brass  instruments  before  he  settled  for  the  euphonium,  which  he  is  now  taking  forward  very  happily.  He  found  him  a  very  inspiring  teacher,  and  we  have  been  happy  to  recommend  him  to  friends."
Rowly  Pillman

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